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We often have special needs rescues that require an extra amount of vet care and rehabilitation.  Some stay with us for months or even a year before they are fully ready for a new home.  Every dollar donated goes to our rescues and their care!

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Never Give Up

 Beckah Beagle is one of the most precious souls you will ever encounter!  This GORGEOUS saddleback Beagle is around 19lbs and about 2 years old.  Beckah had 3 herniated spinal disks in mid-Dec when she was owner-surrendered and was paralyzed in the hindquarters.  The outlook was bleak but we wanted to give her every chance to heal and live!  Beckah did too!  With a very dedicated foster mom and a team of dedicated vets through pain management, laser therapy, weekly acupuncture, chines herbs and massage therapy Beckah was not only walking but playing in 6 weeks!!  Though she has a unique way of moving she is now fully mobile and has a full life ahead of her!   Beckah will require daily chinese herbals and monthly acupuncture to remain a healthy and  mobile life. 

 (Please view her short video to watch progression:  BECKAH VIDEO 

Rescue Never Takes a Vacation

 Dr. Covington and friends were going to Kerr Lake for the Labor Day Weekend.  After arriving and unloading the group of 3-legged and 1-eyed pets, they headed to the store for a few quick forgotten items.  Not a couple miles up the road, there rummaging around on the side of the road was an extremely emaciated dog.  You don’t even have to think twice about what happened next.  The truck pulled over and we got out to see if this poor fella would let us help him.  He looked up with sad, lonely eyes and wagged his tail softly as if to say “hi”.  We scooped him up in our arms and put him into the truck.  Back at the lake house we brought him food/water – even as starved as he was he passed up the food and drank until his heart (and belly) were content.  This sweet Walker Hound is a #1 on the body scale (all bones), he is anemic, infested with worms and suffering from demodectic mange!  Over the weekend he received treatments and continued to rehabilitate for the next several weeks at Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital in Raleigh.   Henderson was adopted to a wonderful home!

Amazing Transformation


Blue was brought to the clinic for a skin issue…what we saw was more than just a skin issue, she was owner surrendered.  This 3 month old large breed puppy had severe mange that had been untreated for so long it covered nearly 75% of her body, the worst spots gave her 3rd degree burns, her skin was cracked and oozing.  She would hardly move at all, was shivering from a fever and was in deep pain yet through all this she still tried to wag the tip of her tail and her eyes showed she knew we were trying to help her!

Through many weeks and months of treatments, medications and baths she began the road to recovery and stole the hearts of everyone at MMAH and others around the state and region!

Now, we are proud to report that Blue is very happy and healthy!

Blue is adopted, averages 125 lbs & 32″