Special Needs Rescue Pets

 Many of the rescued pets we have at Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital Rescue need some form of rehabilitation before they have a clean bill of health and are ready to be listed for adoption.  We are happy to help special needs animals and provide the animal rehabilitation that they need to lead a full and happy life! 

Rehabilitation of rescue pets


Heartworm Positive Dogs

 We pull a high-number of heartworm positive dogs.  These dogs usually have a doomed fate with only one road leading straight to euthanasia at the shelter until we step in and offer a different road leading to a full and happy life!  Heartworm posistive dogs receive the expensive treatment at our clinic facility.  This treatment usually last about a week where they are watched closely and receive tender loving care from our staff.  Once the treatment is completed they are started on heartworm prevention and ready to seek a forever adoptive home!  Dogs that receive treatment for heartworms generally make a full recovery and if kept on monthly prevention and annual tests rarely have any further issues from the disease. 


Animals with Fractured Bones

 Many animals we pull from shelters have broken bones and need rehabilitation.  The history of what happened is usually unknown but most look like they have been hit by a car, some fractures appear to be inflicted by blunt force.  Depending on the type, severity and location of the fracture some animals are able to have splints and lots of bed rest for a recovery, others require an amputation.  Dogs and cats generally adjust to an amputation very quickly and easily and go on to live a life as full as any 4-legged friend! 


Skin Issues & Mange

 The most common special need we see with animals at shelters is bad skin conditions.  There a number of reasons a pet may be suffering from skin problems.  Most skin conditions are easily treatable and preventable with rehabilitation.  Mange is top on the list along with allergies (especially flea allergies) and even thyroid conditions.   Depending on the cause, type and severity of the skin condition, affected pets receive rehab with us from a week or two even up to several months before they are ready for an adoptive home. 


Pregnant Moms

 Can you imagine being ready to bust with your precious belly cargo and being dumped at the pound?!  It happens a lot!  Many momma’s birth their babies right there in the small noisy kennels all alone.   Shelters will contact us frequently about moms that are ready to pop and we will take them in, help them through the birthing process and care for them and their babies with tlc and any needed medical attention until the puppies or kittens are old enough to be weaned.  Upon weaning we will spay/neuter the babies and spay the mom so that everyone will be ready for the “available for adoption” list and find a forever home! .